Nature Education

Something very special has been happening in the Village over the past few years. There has been a groundswell of nature based education programs for the Villages littlest residents. Local daycares offer amazing nature based programs that see kids exploring the forests, park and marshes of the area all year round.

This has now developed into Nature Kindergarten and Nature Grade 1 programs at Cumberland Community School. Kids in these programs spend 60% of their day outdoors doing enquiry based learning and nature as the classroom. This program is intended to expand to higher grade levels over the next few years. The K-9 Cumberland Community School has many classes that build learning experiences around exploring the Cumberland Forest.

As we learn more about the forests, creeks, streams and riparian areas that surround our community we hope to be part of building community awareness and appreciation, in all generations, for the ecological values of the forest.

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Did you know?

As recently as 150 years ago, this area was carpeted in old-growth “rainshadow” forests.  The dominant Douglas-fir trees commonly exceeded 250 years in age, and some were as tall as 94 meters (308 feet).  Decades of industrial logging have completely eliminated old-growth forests in the rainshadow environments of the Comox Valley.  Only a few individual trees over 250 years old remain.