Forest Supporters


Our Guardians are contributors of $50,000 or more towards the purchase of beautiful forest lands surrounding the Village of Cumberland.

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Coast Sustainability Trust

The Coast Sustainability Trust provided support back in 2005 to help mitigate the negative effects of BC government land use decisions related to the Land and Resources Management Plan process, and the implementation of Ecosystem Based Management on workers, contractors, First Nations and communities.

mary lynn desroches

Dr. Mary Lynn DesRoches

Mary Lynn was instrumental in the original success of the CCFS and laid a foundation of trust and integrity that the society benefits from today. She was volunteer administrator for over a decade as well as making significant personal loans and donations to the CCFS toward the 2005 purchase.


Mountain Equipment Co-op

The CCFS was fortunate to receive a $100,000 grant to support the original 2005 acquisition of the 72 hectare parcel immediately south of the Village of Cumberland. This support helped close the gap and made the inaugural purchase possible which has inspired our ongoing conservation efforts. Then in 2016 they did it again to help close the deal on “Space Nugget” a 40 hectare parcel directly adjacent to the existing Cumberland Forest and the Village itself. Thanks MEC!

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Sutmoller-Snijders Family:

Hank and Corrie Snijders were impressed by Canada’s natural beauty when visiting their offspring in Alberta and on Hornby Island. Their daughter, Sonja Sutmoller, directed her children to donate from her estate to an environmental cause in their memory, allowing the CCFS to eliminate the outstanding debt for the first purchase.

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The Conradi Family

The Conradi family were founding supporters of the CCFS, taking a leap of faith and making significant donations toward the 2005 purchase. They continue today as one of our most generous monthly donors to support upcoming acquisitions. They are truly Guardians of our Forest.

Legacy Donors

Our Legacy Donors contribute $10,000 or more towards the purchase of the Cumberland Forest.

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comox valley land trust
Comox Valley Road Runners 2

Comox Valley Road Runners

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MacDonald Wood Park Society

Perserverance Trail Run
Woodland Magic by Barbara Callow

Robert Foord

Carolyn Kirk Albert

Roger Albert and Carolyn Kirk Albert

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Target $2,000,000

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The Cumberland Forest is a mature coastal forest surrounding the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. This forest is an important habitat corridor and home to two watersheds, at risk species, salmon bearing creeks, wetlands and riparian areas, heritage landmarks and hiking and biking trails enjoyed by families, naturalists, hikers, mountain bikers and many others. The future of this forest and the future of Cumberland’s economy are directly linked. There are imminent plans to log this forest.