Did you know that the Western Toad is a species of concern that in lives in and around the Village of Cumberland? It’s true. Every summer countless tiny toads take part in an EPIC migration from local wetlands and lakes, across trails and roads and into the forest.

This summer the Cumberland Forest is joining forces with local biologists, bikers, hikers, and amphibian fans for a Western Toad Project. Together we will be:

a) observing and documenting their behaviour through a citizen science platform called iNaturalist,
b) building community knowledge about local ecosystems and this species of concern,
c) developing creative strategies to reduce human impacts on the population and,
d) helping the toads migrate more safely across high traffic roads and trails.


The community is invited to get involved.

Join our league of Citizen Scientists. We’ll be using the iNaturalist platform to track locations, migrations, lifecycles to help us better understand the activities of the local populations and support future planning. Download the free app and stay tuned for training sessions to be offered by Zoom and in person leading up to July and August

Join our Tiny Toad Patrol. We will be coordinating a Volunteer Naturalist Program where trained community volunteers provide information at key access points to the network to let them know about the status of the migration including current roads and trails impacted. Volunteers will also be needed to help install and uninstall temporary signage in a variety of areas.

Email info@cumberlandforest.com and we’ll add your name to the volunteer lists and send more details soon!