The Art of Perseverance has taken on a whole new meaning over the past few weeks. We find ourselves in completely new territory as individuals, organizations, businesses, communities and a planet. The Cumberland Forest is both acknowledging (how can we not?) this strange moment we find ourselves in and focusing on the long view. The health and climate resilience of the watersheds, forests and the ecological systems that sustain us will remain important. We have to adapt project timelines and respond to the changes we’re facing, but we remain committed to our project and our goals.
It seems like an eternity ago when we launched the Art of Perseverance online auction as part of the final community-based fundraising for Project Perseverance. Generous local artists and creatives donated amazing items. Many others offered donations which we have chosen not to add at this time (but rest assured we’ll welcome them when the dust settles).

This auction is still active and runs till Sunday Night March 29th at 9 pm. After the auction closes and online payments are made, auction items will be held, safe and sound, cataloged with purchaser details, at CCFS HQ until distribution is possible. The funds raised will be held safely at First Credit Union for our future land purchase. We invite you to.