Talented local artist Tracey Kobus is a huge friend of the Cumberland Forest! She has donated works for fundraisers and provided us with artwork for use on our website and other promotional materials. Plans are also underway to produce a Cumberland Forest card series and a limited edition poster series featuring her works. This summer she’s taking things a step further and profiling us as part of her presence as guest artist at the renown Filberg Festival on BC Day Long Weekend!

Tracy Kobus brings a contemporary perspective to the artistic tradition of exploring our relationship to the land and the mystery of wilderness.  In Tracy’s work, we can observe that our relationship with nature is often unpredictable. Her paintings juxtapose domesticity and wilderness, rational and intuitive, chaos and order, imaginary and real—and, in doing so, she summons our imaginations to consider our connections to the world around us.

Thank you Tracey for your generosity. We like to think of you as the Cumberland Forest “artist in residence!”