Ever wondered where we’re at in our campaign to buy a forest and raise $1.2 million dollars by 2016? Ever feel worried? Looking for something to bolster your enthusiasm?

We have just under $300,000 in the bank. We have $6200/month in monthly donors (which is growing exponentially and we are working really hard to get to $10,000/month by March 31st). We have approximately $50,000 per year coming in from partner events and community fundraisers and this is also growing. We’re writing grants, seeking funding from foundations and conservation trusts and we’re making new friends every day.

This spring we’re going to create a big beautiful sign (tree?) somewhere in our community to show where we’re at and update it monthly.

What does this all mean? It means we can do it AND it means that right now we need you more than ever! Every new monthly donor, every donation, every “share”, every vote of confidence gets us closer to this VERY realistic goal. What can you do TODAY to get us one step closer?