Exploring climate change issues through storytelling is the focus of a special event on Wednesday December 18th at the Abbey Studio in Cumberland. “Climate Change Action Theatre” is a global participatory theatre project with thousands of organizations across the planet reading from specially commissioned plays in 2019 to raise awareness about climate change issues.
Presented by the Forest Story Project and Elevate, this intimate evening will feature multi-voiced readings of 13 short plays from writers around the world connected to climate change and resiliency themes. Dark, funny, thought-provoking, irreverent and hopeful, the readings feature local community members Wendy Morin, Bobby Herron, Anne Marie Scott, Esther Purves-Smith (*with permission from Canadian Actors’ Equity Association), Lee White, Will Cole Hamilton, Tina Willard-Stepan, Dan Griffith, Meaghan Cursons, Kai White, Indi White and Kera McHugh.
“There are many different ways for community to explore the issues and implications of climate change. The information we receive day after day through news and social media can be overwhelming. Climate Change Action Theatre takes these conversations off the screen and moves then into a creative space where story telling, emotion and human relationships are at the forefront. We’re honoured to be part of this project and to be collaborating with community activists, performers, students and organizations from across the planet.” says Meaghan Cursons of the Cumberland Forest, coordinators of the Forest Story Project.
“We live in dark times – socially, politically, environmentally. The gap between rich and poor is increasing, countries are embracing extreme right ideologies, and the latest IPCC report warns that we have only 12 years to decarbonize the economy and prevent climate catastrophe” says the Climate Action Theatre Project. “Though it would be tempting to sink into despair and conclude that nothing less than an apocalyptic future awaits us, the truth is, as Rebecca Solnit points out in her article “Don’t despair: the climate fight is only over if you think it is,” the future hasn’t been decided yet. We still have a chance to enact the best possible scenario instead of the worst. That is, if we all take action now.”
“For Climate Change Action Theatre 2019, we’re giving center stage to all the beacons of hope lighting the way towards a just and sustainable future. Now more than ever, we need their guidance so we can take the bold steps – the leaps – necessary to get there.”

Tickets are $12 (only 60 available) and proceeds support future site specific theatre projects with the Forest Story Project, an arts based environmental place-making initiative of the Cumberland Community Forest Society Doors open at the Abbey Studio at 7:15. Show starts at 7:30. For ticket links and more visit www.cumberlandforest.com   
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