This winter we’ve been busy working on a new teacher resource for the Cumberland Forest to support K-9 teachers and students at Cumberland Community School and all our educational partners and friends who inspire learning and discovery in the forests, creeks, wetlands surrounding our community.

Designed as an inquiry unit, this resource aims to encourage curiosity and wonder, to connect kids more deeply to the land, and to learn about how to be strong stewards of all natural spaces. The resource is guided by the belief that understanding that we are all part of the greater whole is good for kids, and for the planet!

Getting students out of the classroom and into the forest both activates their creative spark and helps to build a sold science foundation. When we’re in the forest we can access vivid, tactile, visual, aural, and personal memories and experiences that help us to understanding the ecological systems around us.

Time in nature is not leisure time; it is an essential investment in our children’s health, our own health, and the health of our planet. The resource includes history and orientation to the landscape, ecosystems, species at risk, water and watersheds, wetlands, Leave No Trace principles, and citizen science.

Together we are creating a legacy of collaboration, celebration and learning through the exploration
and protection of the natural spaces that surround our community.

CLICK HERE for a link to the new guide.

The CCFS has provided funding and project leadership. The materials were developed by Christina (Tina) Willard-Stepan, Educator and Facilitator, and Meaghan Cursons, Executive Director of the CCFS.