The Cumby has done it again. As Guardian donors to the Cumberland Forest this incredible crew has given so much to the Cumberland Forest effort over the past 5 years. And even this year, with the race canceled and lives turned upside down, their generosity continued.
Here is the post they made to facebook on what was to be the 2020 race day.
“It’s Cumby Race Day! Over 600 supportive runners chose to join us by registering for our event and by also donating to the cause. Net proceeds from The Cumby are always directed to the Cumberland Community Forest Society. Despite a once in a century disruption this year is no different. In spite of our sadness that we arent racing today, the very good news is that the net proceeds from the 2020 Cumby are again significant. On behalf of the Cumby, and the Comox Valley Road Runners, we have submitted $22,881 to the CCFS. (Yes, we found some more after we sent it in the mail). Thank you racers!”
And the Cumberland Community Forest Society board’s reply
“We are incredibly humbled by the support from the Cumby community, over the years and during these truly extraordinary times. When the COVID crisis unfolded in March we were in the middle of a final fundraising campaign to see this 2.5 million dollar project to completion. We were also raising the seed funding to initiate critical restoration planning and research for the newly protected lands. Needless to say, both our timelines and fundraising events were impacted by the pandemic. Your support is so unexpected, and so welcome! It has allowed us to take a deep breath, to feel supported and held up by our community and reassured us that we can and will be successful in our efforts. It takes a valley to buy a forest, and the Comox Valley running community has been a remarkable partner in this significant conservation effort. Your faith in us is wind in our sails. Your generosity is the fuel that is getting us to our shared goals. We look forward to celebrating with you all in person in the future! ”
Thank you so much to the amazing humans who organize this event year after year. We are so honoured by your friendship!