We’ve been out exploring at night and getting to know the creatures that live in the Cumberland Forest and the Perseverance Creek system. Equipped with specialized listening equipment and a great app, we’ve be learning lots about creatures like the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus).

Little Brown Bat is a nationally Endangered Species that was emergency listed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada (COSEWIC). It is now included as a Schedule-1 species under the Species At Risk Act because of white nose syndrome.

White nose syndrome is the result of an introduced fungal pathogen that is wiping out whole colonies of Little Brown Bats from east to west across North America.  It may now have reached coastal BC as it was recorded recently in Washington State. This fungus has killed approximately 7 million Little Brown Bats, often killing between 90-100% of an affected colony. In the eastern US, they have estimated that the population has declined by 94% over the last few years alone.

Protecting the habitat for this species and ensuring an abundant prey source (moths, mosquitos, midges, mayflies) by protecting aquatic ecosystems (rivers, and wetlands) is the best strategy we have at the moment to help keep this species from extinction.

We’re looking forward to learning more and hosting a CCFS Science Pub this fall all about BATS! Join us today to protect bat habitat in the Cumberland Forest.