COOL SHORT VIDEOS (Great for kids too)



Quite a few of the mushroom-themed tracks are from the soundtrack to Fantastic Fungi, and most of this music can be found and purchased on Bandcamp 🙂

  • Roots of The Earth- Liquid Bloom (Shanti & Wei-Chi Field Ambient Remix
  • Emerging Heart – Liquid Bloom (Tylepathy Remix)
  • Emerging Heart – Liquid Bloom (Yaima Remix)
  • One Giant Consciousness – Desert Dwellers ft Paul Stamnets)
  • Forest Ohm – Mose
  • Cura El Corazon- Praful (Kareem Raihani Remix)
  • Aye Yewo – Liquid Bloom, Porangui & Spice Trader (Tone Ranger Remix)
  • Colibri Libre – Bird Tribe (Luke Mandala Remix)
  • Oy Ishov Chumak – Dakha Brakha (Alvaro Suarez Remix)
  • Yulunga – Dead Can Dance (Alvaro Suarez Remix)
  • Snake And The Moon- Dead Can Dance (Jeremie Naulet Remix)
  • Toonmowi Tree – Deya Dova (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
  • Roots Of The Earth – Liquid Bloom (Hedflux Remix)
  • Fire Gathering – Liquid Bloom (Sudauya Remix)
  • One – Dub FX
  • Host Of The Seraphim – Dead Can Dance (Enigma Dubz remix)
  • Alif Allah – Tahir Qawall (Temple Step Remix)
  • Taking Root- Kaya Project (Globular Remix)
  • All Related – Nessi Gomes (Temple Step Remix)
  • Mycelia – Yaima
  • Brilliant Mycelium – Beautiful Chorus