The first annual Great Valley Rally will be taking place Saturday July 26th and we are the fortunate recipient!

The Great Valley Rally is an exciting new event modeled after “the Amazing Race” with teams facing maps, challenges, check points, business stops and more as they wind their way through the Comox Valley in teams (self propelled or in vehicles).

The inaugural event will end with a fun afternoon party with music, food and drink to be held this year in the Village of Cumberland at #6 Memorial Mine Park.

This event will be held annually, and each year a different project in a different area of the Comox Valley will be selected as the recipient of the marketing focus and a percentage of funds from team registration. 

One of the many functions of the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce is to promote the business, social and civic welfare of the various communities in the Comox Valley. The Great Valley Rally will offer a way to bring the three communities of the Comox Valley together in support of a positive, Valley-wide community building initiative.

Generously sponsored by MNP LLP, CIBC, Axis Heating and Cooling and the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to register for this event!

great valley rally