This Christmas the Cumberland Forest Campaign is getting some special help from an important species of forest dweller – The Gumboot Fairies of the Cumberland Forest! Forest_Calendar_front

Cumberlanders are a special breed of people. They love their forests and they also love their festivals and celebrations. Each year the village hosts a large number of unique music and cultural events. Since the year 2000, representatives of the elusive Gumboot Fairies, who are said to reside in the remote reaches of the Cumberland Forest, have begun to make appearances at different community events. But just who are these Gumboot Fairies? Why do they wear gumboots? And what are they up to out there in the woods?

The 2015 Gumboot Fairy Calendar tells the story of the Cumberland Forest Fairies as it unfolds over the year. The Gumboot Fairy storyline, written by Sharon MacDonnell, weaves together myth and local ecology into a whimsical tale for all ages to enjoy. The story is completed by 12 stunning color photographs of the Gumboot Fairies, shot on location in the Cumberland Forest by Ron Pogue. 

With their lively character, love of celebration and deep connection to nature, the Gumboot Fairies reflect the spirit of the forest donors, volunteers and supporters who wish to see the Cumberland Forest protected and enjoyed by everyone.

The small run of 2015 Gumboot Fairy Calendars are now available and can be purchased at Cumberland Village Muse & Books, Rusty Rooster, Cumberland Credit Union and Wandering Moose in Cumberland and Sock Soiree or Be Solely Canadian Clothing in Courtenay.  Don’t wait too long or this limited run will be gone! 

The calendar is eco-friendly, printed on recycled paper and makes a fantastic gift. You can order online and have them shipped anywhere in Canada for a $5 fee. Check out for online purchasing.  Calendars are $20 and 100% of proceeds from this project go towards the Cumberland Forest purchase.