Today is Day 1 in a 90 Day push to meet the first big deadline in our campaign to raise $1.2 million and protect over 50 hectares of threatened forests surrounding Cumberland. We’re going to get to $10,000/month in monthly donors by March 31st.

So where are we at today? $5665/month to be exact (up from $3500 September 1st) represented by 207 donor families. Are you one of them?  Is it time to bump your donation up a wee bit?

Reaching our new target will mean that monthly donors will raise $240,000 between March 31st 2014 and 2016. This will be added to the $260,000 raised to date as well as upcoming events, grants, partnerships, private donations and other amazing undertakings over the next 2 years.

Are you ready? Set. GO!