Our friends from Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary are running an amazing campaign for us for 2014 that will help spread the word about the Cumberland Forest across Canada!

In their own words:

“Harmonic Arts originally moved to Cumberland BC as we loved being in the presence of beautiful forests. Currently over 70 hectares situated all around the town, has been protected by community support. Though another 50 hectares is at jeopardy of being logged as soon as 2015. This forest is amazingly vibrant, it is full of old stands of healing herbs and medicinal/edible mushrooms that span a variety of ecosystems. Also home to many great hiking and biking trails. The Cumberland forest society needs our help to keep these lands healthy and vital. So Harmonic Arts is offering up $1 from every bag of our favorite Island infused teas as a donation to support this mission. Both Coastal Roots and Green Qi tea were inspired by these beautiful lands that we are trying to protect.”

Each bag of Coastal Roots and Green Qi Tea has a Cumberland Forest Sticker on the front and a write up about the Cumberland Forest initiative on the back!

Drink Tea. Buy a Forest.