We’re heading to the finish line in our effort to secure the Lower Perseverance Creek corridor! This 44 acres biodiversity corridor connects the Cumberland Community Forest Park with protected areas at Comox Lake and sets the stage for critical stewardship and restoration work along the lower channel of Perseverance Creek.

This 15 month campaign has been our most intense yet – with an intervention in March 2021 to put harvesting plans on hold while the CCFS worked to secure the support and the resources to protect this corridor of ecological, hydrological and heritage importance.

The Lower Perseverance Creek corridor feeds Comox Lake, the drinking water source for over 50,000 Comox Valley residents. It is part of a forested passage for creatures big and small from Island mountains, to Comox Lake and out to the Salish Sea. It is also the former site of the historic #4 Coal Mine.

We are now heading for a June 30th 2022 closing date and raising the remaining funds to complete this important acquisition for our community. We have been working hard to secure the final $60,000 of a $960,000 project between now and June 30th to take this to the finish line.

HUGE thanks to Cumberland Centennial Rotary, Harmonic Arts, Love’s Ice Cream, Hand-in-Hand Nature Education, Hakai Energy Solutions for your recent donations and your ongoing support for our efforts!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the next few weeks!

To support the Lower Perseverance Creek corridor purchase: