Very interesting times in the Lower Perseverance Creek area. The forest along the north side of Comox Lake Road right to Lower Perseverance Creek was flagged for harvest 2 weeks ago. Roads were built in and harvesting equipment was on site. The upland and riparian forest that was flagged is directly above and adjacent to the creek, riparian wetlands, and critical fish habitat restoration sites identified in the Perseverance Creek 2019 EcoFish Fish Habitat and Proper Functioning Condition Assessment.
The Cumberland Community Forest Society pushed hard for a stay-of-execution last week and thanks to a long standing working relationship with the land owner Hancock Timber Resource Group (and 500 acres purchased successfully to date), the equipment has pulled out…for now. Now is a very good time to support the CCFS anyway you can as they are working VERY hard to pull together the plan, with their strategic partners.
This forest is part of an important corridor filled with significant ecological, historic, fish habitat, cultural and drinking water values. It is the final link to stitch together the fragmented landscape of the Lower Perseverance Watershed. This area is central to the hard work of the Perseverance Streamkeepers in recent years and restoration plans hold great hope for the future functioning and resilience of Lower Perseverance Creek
It is now looking like the CCFS has a small window of opportunity to protect this upland forest AND secure the rest of the lower creek and forested corridor in one transaction. There is an opportunity for an acquisition of approx 25 acres. Details are under development, maps will be forthcoming, and negotiations are underway behind the scenes.
Here is how to support:
1. Become a monthly donor of the CCFS or make a one time donation to support our ongoing land protection, stewardship, advocacy, research and education work. Much of this work centers specifically around restoration, research, monitoring and stewardship in the Perseverance Creek corridor. It is that important work that has made this opportunity possible

2. Make a donation ($500 +) specifically for the Lower Perseverance Creek opportunity. It is critical that CCFS has cash in hand to move quickly. If for any reason the transaction is unable to proceed, these donations will be allocated specifically to conservation and restoration projects in the Perseverance Creek Corridor. However, if specifically requested, donations can be held as special purpose donations for this purchase only. Visit or use the attached form and send a note to and a formal email exchange about the donation will occur.

3. Make a pledge to the CCFS. If you are unable to access funds right now, but could if we came up against a critical deadline opportunity, message or to make arrangements.

Photos: Lorenz Jimenez Photography