• Evan Gough – Chair
  • Jason Ross – Vice Chair
  • Andrew Nicoll – Past Chair
  • Caroline Tymchuk – Treasurer
  • Lisa Levesque
  • Angela Boss
  • Marquis Diment
  • Nygil Goggins
  • John Gower
  • Craig Keeping
  • Camille Douglas
  • Annabelle Sproule
  • Shawn Gabel


Coordinator – Meaghan Cursons (

Bookkeeper/ Donor Management – Terra Brown (



Did you know?

From coho salmon and coastrange sculpin in Perseverance Creek to cougars and Columbian black-tailed deer in the woods, Cumberland’s forests provide habitat for an immense number of animals. Each species has specialized requirements for cover, forage, nesting, denning and other necessities of life.  The complexity and diversity of habitats in the Cumberland Community Forest provides both general (coarse-scale) and specialized (fine-scale) habitat requirements.