Vision and Values


The Cumberland Community Forest Society is a passionate, effective and unifying leader; championing land conservation and ecological stewardship; in support of ecosystem health, drinking water protection, and community climate resilience;  in the Village of Cumberland, the surrounding region, and beyond.


Since the year 2000 the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) has been purchasing and protecting privately owned forest lands surrounding the Village of Cumberland in the unceded territory of the K’omoks First Nation. To date the society has completed 5 major land acquisitions totaling over 550 acres of land. These lands have been protected through Section 219 conservation covenants.

The CCFS has a strong history of creative community partnerships and unique engagement strategies to achieve their fundraising and land securement goals. Since 2017, the CCFS has evolved and expanded their activities from fundraising and localized land securement to include environmental stewardship projects, as well as strategic leadership in regional watershed protection, sustainable economic development, and community climate resilience efforts. This ongoing evolution in activities is informing the 2023 – 2028 5 – Year Strategic Plan.

We Value… 

Our responsibilities in an interconnected web upon which all life depends

Right relationships with nature, community and indigenous peoples

Work that is based in science and informed by community

Protecting and restoring land and water to the commons

The sustainability of our efforts and our organization

Meaningful collaboration, trust, and shared power 

Storytelling, creativity, passion and joy


2023 – 2028 CCFS Strategic Plan


Did you know?

Over 50 species are considered “at risk” of extinction or extirpation in the Comox Valley.  Extirpation is when a species has been eliminated from one area, but still occurs in other places within its natural range.  In Cumberland’s forests at least two species have already been extirpated: Western Screech Owl and Wolverine.  The Northern Goshawk and Marbled Murrelet also likely nested in Cumberland’s forests in the recent past but no longer do so.