Vision and Values


  • The mature second growth forest surrounding the Village of Cumberland and local waterways is integral to the ecological health of the region.
  • Communities have an obligation to protect and be stewards of local ecological and hydrological systems.
  • The Cumberland Forest is worth far more to our community and region standing than it is logged.
  • Access for recreation purposes are of significant importance to the community and local economy.
  • Access to the natural environment is essential to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • A balanced approach to the planning and management of trail networks is needed to minimize ecological impacts.
  • Restoration work is integral to the long term viability of conservation efforts.
  • We have a responsibility to be an open and inclusive organization that works collaboratively with all stakeholders.
  • We have a responsibility as community leaders to be positive, inclusive, and inspiring and to model integrity and good governance

Did you know?

Over 50 species are considered “at risk” of extinction or extirpation in the Comox Valley.  Extirpation is when a species has been eliminated from one area, but still occurs in other places within its natural range.  In Cumberland’s forests at least two species have already been extirpated: Western Screech Owl and Wolverine.  The Northern Goshawk and Marbled Murrelet also likely nested in Cumberland’s forests in the recent past but no longer do so.