The Cumberland Community Forest Society has formally announced fundraising results for their October 26th Perseverance Day for the Forest and the grand total for the day is $146,547!

This is an incredible result for a one-day fundraising effort.” says Andrew Nicoll, Chair of the Cumberland Community Forest Society. “It wouldn’t have been possible without an unbelievable level of grassroots support from people across the Comox Valley and beyond. There are so many people who deserve our thanks including silent auctions donors, ticket buyers, runners, run organizers, circus fairies, cash donors, chili cookers, beer slingers, photographers and volunteers! Each and every one of you shares the credit for this success!”

“This final number includes the Perseverance Raffle, the Perseverance Party for the Forest, the Perseverance Trail Run and Pledges and an online fundraising campaign through These funds (73,273.50) were then matched by our secret Forest Fairy to get to this remarkable total!” says Cumberland Forest Campaign Coordinator Meaghan Cursons.

The Cumberland Forest is a lush second growth forest that cradles the southern edge of the Village of Cumberland. The Cumberland Forest forms part of 2 distinct watersheds and is filled with diverse flora and fauna, hiking and mountain biking trails, salmon bearing creeks, wetlands and important heritage landmarks. The Forest also provides a stunning south facing view-scape for the Village and is a beautiful backdrop to a community that defines itself economically, socially and environmentally by its proximity to the woods.

A vibrant network of naturalists, herbalists, hikers, mountain bikers, families, kids, artists, photographers, conservationists, runners and many others consider the Cumberland Forest to be an integral part of the community.

panels2The Cumberland Forest is privately owned as part of the legacy of the E&N Land Transfer in the late 1800’s that saw over 2 million acres of land along the eastern side of Vancouver Island transfer into private hands in exchange for building a railway. These unprotected Cumberland Forest lands are slated to be logged as early as 2016.