This July, hikers and bikers will notice thousands and thousands of tiny frogs crossing the trails and roads up by Allen Lake recently? These are actually Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas) ‘toadlets’ and they’re leaving their breeding grounds right now.

Western Toads are on the provincial Yellow List, and are considered a species of conservation concern. Identifying breeding sites and assessing terrestrial habitat requirements is particularly important in order to protect this species.

One of the greatest impacts on Western Toad populations in B.C. is habitat destruction. Development in and around wetlands can destroy or isolate populations. Migrating toads are killed by traffic on roads. Pollution, the introduction of aquatic predators (e.g., stocking lakes with fish), and the spread of diseases are also harmful. Large-scale concerns such as global warming and ozone depletion can affect Western Toads by changing temperatures, affecting water levels, and increasing ultraviolet radiation.

Please walk and ride gently friends! And help protect habitat around Cumberland by supporting the Cumberland Forest! Our 2018 purchase plans are right in the heart of this migratory path!