Maps are a very powerful tool for place based story telling and we are delighted to have produced our first (but not our last) Cumberland Community Forest Nature Park Map just in time for the festive season!

These art maps were designed by local artist Rowan Helliwell and include the lower trail system, historic sites, wetlands and creeks, park entrances, facilities, drinking water sources, wildlife viewing and more.

Designed with visitors, families and new residents in mind, the Cumberland Community Forest Nature Park Map is guided by the vision of a shared multi use trail network that welcomes all ages, abilities and interests to explore the forest.

Maps are printed 18.5 x 12.5 inches and are available for $20 and 100% proceeds to the biodiversity projects of the CCFS. You can find them at the ROAM Media Store + Studio (next to the Waverley Hotel) or at the Little Village Store on 3rd street.

Stay tuned for upcoming mapping projects that dive a little deeper into the landscape that surrounds us!