As you may have heard, the Cumberland Forest had to cancel our big Spring Trivia fundraiser scheduled for Friday Night because of the pretty significant public health situation we’re facing here on planet earth. We’re in a really interesting place, because we’re 2 days out from the deadline for an amazing $50,000 matching donation and we’re 2 weeks out from a total fundraising deadline (March 31st) to raise $150,000 to close on a $2.38 million dollar project to save a 226 acre corridor in the Perseverance Watershed. Friday’s event would have raised $25,000.
We’re re-grouping, and soul searching about how we approach the next 2 weeks as a conservation community. Today was a beautiful day and the forests that surround our community offered safety, sanctuary and a sense of peace for so many. Over the next several weeks, it will be these places in nature that will nurture many of us.
If you have the ability to support our goals at this time, we would be very appreciative. We’re in this for the long game and highly dedicated to this project and future efforts to protect the forests and watersheds that surround us and sustain us.
Here’s how:

1. Bid on auction items until 9 pm Sunday March 29th at

2. Make a charitable donation through our website

3. Donate through our Canada Helps Page…/cumberland-community-forest-…/

4. Share our story, through words, thoughts, photos, or videos. Tell your friends why this forest matters to our community and to the planet.

Be kind to each other. Wash your hands. Breathe. Walk in the Forest.