Wow. We’re truly honoured by the support toward our current effort to ‘close the gap’ on Lower Perseverance Creek. Thank you for your advocacy, your new monthly donor sign ups, your pledges and your generous donations for this important conservation project. We still have significant funds to raise to close the deal in the months ahead. But we’ve made great strides in the first 2 weeks and are well positioned for the next steps thanks to you.

Things are moving quickly. We’re riding a wake of colonialism, the E&N Land Grant and over 125 years of industrial mining and logging in the forests, rivers and creeks of the Comox Valley.  The CCFS had to mobilize fast to delay the harvest plans on the Lower Perseverance Creek corridor. We were literally dealing with harvest equipment on site and road building almost completed. Thanks to our positive working relationship with the land owner Hancock Timber Resource Group and local contractors, and your support, we have a bit of  time.

Now we need to work with our partners in conservation and local government to come up with a long term plan to complete the purchase and ensure this landscape, and this creek, can be protected, restored and stewarded. This land looks different from previous CCFS purchases. It is primarily a place for nature.

The Lower Perseverance Creek corridor offers wildlife big and small a safe forested passage from upland forests, along creek and wetlands, and to the lake.  The creek-side forests are filled with birds, bears walk the banks in winter fishing for rogue Coho and cougars transit the area year round. It’s also bat central down there and the Cumberland Bat Project has been monitoring at risk species of bats there for years. We need to leave spaces for nature to do its thing. That is exactly what we’re working to do.
As more and more people (from near and far) head into the trails and forests surrounding Cumberland and Comox Lake to explore and recreate, they unwittingly push back at nature, and take over the spaces that nature needs to thrive – old forests, waterways, wetlands and riparian zones.
The Lower Perseverance Creek project currently on the table is an opportunity to ‘close the gap’ and protect the final 25 acres of the Lower Perseverance Creek corridor. Its a small thing we can do for nature. A gesture of thanks to the wild things for the rest of the epic landscape we all get to play in.
We can’t do this one without your support. We completed a 225 acre (2.5 million dollar project) in September 2020. It was massive undertaking financially and organizationally. We’re up for the work ahead of us, but we’ll need to be creative and courageous in our fund development if we want this to happen. That’s where you come in.
Here is how to support:
1. Become a monthly donor of the CCFS or make a one time donation to support our ongoing land protection, stewardship, advocacy, research and education work. Much of this work centers specifically around restoration, research, monitoring and stewardship in the Perseverance Creek corridor. It is that important work that has made this opportunity possible

2. Make a donation ($500 +) specifically for the Lower Perseverance Creek opportunity. It is critical that CCFS has cash in hand to move quickly. If for any reason the transaction is unable to proceed, these donations will be allocated to conservation and restoration projects in the Perseverance Creek Corridor. However, if requested, donations can be held as externally restricted donation for this purchase only. Visit or use the attached form and send a note to and a formal email exchange about the donation will occur.

3. Make a pledge to the CCFS. Let us know you are ready to give when the deadline hits! Message or

Photo: Sara Kempner Photography