Toni Dunne  is offering A Yoga Class for the Forest on Saturday, April 19th 10-1130am @ The Abbey in Cumberland.  By Donation (suggested $10), all levels welcome and 100% proceeds to save our forest.
Check out Toni’s beautiful blog post below!

Remember to walk in the woods.
This is my mantra. I have even considered getting a tattoo with this potent reminder. It has never steered me astray.
Today I took to the forest as I often do– to move my body, clear some space and take in the beauty. The forest I speak of is a special one to me; an enchanted place, with an expanse of immaculately cared for trails that meander from the edge of Cumberland up to Allen Lake and beyond, boasting views of the Valley the Sunshine Coast, and as far as the eye can see up and down the coastline. These trails and this forest are as much a part of Cumberland as the town itself, an extension of home to those that hike, bike and explore the area. I have deep adoration for these woods, I honor them, and in return they appear to embrace the Village in a supportive, nourishing hug.

And while this forest sits seemingly still, it is in great danger of shifting:

the best therapy

The Cumberland Forest is a lush second growth forest surrounding the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. This forest is an important wildlife corridor and home to our watershed, at risk flora and fauna, salmon bearing creeks, wetlands, heritage landmarks and hiking and biking trails enjoyed by families, naturalists, hikers, mountain bikers and many others. The future of this forest and the future of Cumberland’s economy are directly linked. There are imminent plans to log this forest.

This is the statement from the homepage of The Cumberland Forest Society website. Today, after spending a few hours exploring the magnificence of this land, I felt compelled to write and share, in the hope that I might reach out. I’m not sure why today’s walk sparked this desire in me, maybe the cold, oxygen rich air ignited my inner fire. All I know is that it would be a damn shame to lose this beautiful area to logging, this land is invaluable to the people, the animals, the local economy, and the general spirit that is Cumberland. I know I personally struggle on how I can make a difference in this world, in this life, but this seemed an opportunity.

Post walk I plunked myself down in front of the computer to look at donating some money to this cause. The website was user friendly and within minutes I had set myself up to donate monthly using paypal. You can donate as little as $10/month. Imagine if everyone donated $10 a month for a year?! We could buy up all that land and secure this for future generations!!

It’s exciting to contribute to something that will actually make a difference- a tangible difference in this community, for the continued health of us all. I can’t imagine a life in this Valley without this forest–a place where I forage for food and medicine, where I heal my body and heart with fresh air and movement, where I gain perspective and     ground myself while looking down on this spirited landscape of home.

frozen waterfall meditation

I could go on at length, and truthfully I could become fanatical about it all, but I think you should check it out for yourself.
Go to this forest.
Look at the website.
Consider donating even $10/month. Start there.(Donate here)

And if nothing else repeat the mantra:
Remember to Walk in the Woods.