Perseverance Stream Keepers

The Perseverance Creek Watershed spans from the uplands forests above Cumberland through to Comox Lake. The Perseverance Creek Streamkeepers are the eyes on the creek thats runs through this watershed and they carry out fish rescue on an “as-needed” basis every spring and summer.

PC Streamkeepers work closely with DFO and have the training and equipment to ensure safe capture and transport. The fish need special handling so rescues should not be attempted without aeration equipment.

If you happen to come across isolated pools along Perseverance Creek which are no longer connected to the main channel and contain concentrations of fish, please contact Heather Mathers at 250-702-8708 or email or email

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Perseverance Streamkeepers please fill out a CCFS volunteer application form HERE

Fish rescue –  In late spring and again in late summer, the water flow in stretches of Perseverance Creek sinks below the gravel, leaving trout and salmon stranded in isolating pools. This is when a small group of Streamkeepers work as a team to net the pools , placing the fish we catch [ which can be from 1” to 16″ long ] into aerated buckets of water , which we then transfer downstream to pools that will provide shelter until the fall rains.

Rescues are organized several days in advance, but the water level can drop quickly, so sometimes we have to respond with little notice. If you are new to this, we can teach you while we rescue. The creek will be shallow, so hip waders aren’t necessary . Gumboots or water shoes work well . There are often mosquitos by the creek, so its a good idea to wear a quick drying long sleeve shirt and pants. It’s a fun activity and your help will be welcome !

Volunteers would be asked to:
– participate in orientation and training sessions
– be available at short notice to be called on for fish rescues
Future efforts may include creek side plantings, reed canary grass suppression projects and public education projects.