businesses of Cumberland!Cumberland businesses and professionals (and their friends) got together for a fun photo shoot on Earth Day to celebrate the progress of the Cumberland Forest campaign to protect 52 hectares of forest from destruction.
Earth Day officially marked a 100% increase in monthly donors to the campaign since they kicked off their new purchase plans one year ago. Over 270 individuals, businesses and families are now giving over $7200/month to protect the Cumberland Forest.
The protection of the Cumberland Forest is critical to the economic success of many Cumberland businesses. The economic activity generated by mountain biking, hiking and exploring nature is significant. From restaurants and pubs to accommodations and professional services, the businesses of Cumberland are deeply connected to the trails and trees that surround the Village.
The campaign to protect the Cumberland Forest continues and organizers emphasize that it is critical to keep the pressure on in order to achieve fundraising goals. “We are still focused on getting to $10,000/month in monthly donations and we encourage new donors to jump on board now.” says Cumberland Community Forest Society Chair Andrew Nicoll. “You can be part of the incredible community that saves this very special piece of nature before the trees fall in 2016.” You can sign up today at