Every once in a while an organization finds itself the recipient of a very special, even priceless, donation. That’s exactly what happened to the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) when Frank and Freda Halls’ daughter Sharon chose the CCFS as the recipient of a rare and beautiful creation, a hand crafted miniature doll house built by her father.

The doll house was entirely custom built, by hand, by finishing carpenter Frank Halls in the 1980’s and is filled with furnishings, tiny food and stunning decorations all created by his wife Freda.

In order to honour this donation we have decided to sell it through an online auction in order to raise the most funds for the CCFS possible and in order to reach out to the widest possible audience of collectors and miniature aficionados.

The doll house is on auction now HERE.

The doll house is currently on display at the Wandering Moose Cafe in Cumberland.

The Festival Forest On Line Auction runs from November 28th to December 18th at 10 pm. Starting bid is $400 and the “buy it now price’ is set at $5000. Cumberland resident Grace Doherty has added very special (and very tiny) Christmas decorations for the season!

Whether you are a collector, or a forest supporter ready to make a large year end donation and exchange for a lovely Christmas gift for someone special – this is an incredible opportunity!