The 2016 Cumberland Home and Garden Tour is an exclusive glimpse into the Homes, Gardens, Urban Farms and Built Spaces of our amazing community. It’s may be a mouthful but it also encompasses the kind of innovation that is taking place in our neighbourhoods and at the Village council table.

New zoning by-laws in the Village are laying a foundation for urban farming initiatives including small market gardens and the keeping of bees, hens and ducks. Front yards are transforming into food gardens and many residents are exploring water conservation in response to hot dry summers. Permaculture methods are also being utilized to reduce water use and increase yield. Bridal Cabins are becoming massage studios and guest houses and commercial buildings are being transformed!

These trends inspired the addition of Urban Farms and Built Spaces to the 2016 Tour. Where once green lawns and perfectly manicured landscaping were all the rage, now sustainability features, water collection, permaculture mounds and bee hives are the new normal. Funky carriage house, bright studios, greenhouses and stunning commercial and community spaces are now integral parts of the Village landscape.

So what can you expect for the 2016 Cumberland Home and Garden Tour? 16 unique properties, the smallest legal lot on BC, churches and mances, cottages, herb gardens, apiaries, heritage gems, rock work, fruit and nut trees and food gardens, ponds and fountains, labyrinths and Hugel mounds. Yes, Hugel mounds.

Pick up your tickets at the Collective Store and Studio in Cumberland, Art Knapps on Mission Hill or Rattan Home and Patio in Courtenay. Or visit the 2016 Cumberland Home and Garden Tour on facebook or CLICK HERE for online ticket sales. Tickets are redeemed for passports on Saturday June 25th as of 9 am at Village Square in Cumberland. The Tour runs till 5 pm.

Call your friends, fill the growler, load up the bikes and head out for an awesome day in Legendary Cumberland! Want to volunteer? We’d love to have you. Message to get involved.