heartSometimes we get the best emails from people! Dylan and Nancy are getting married later this month and they’ve asked their friends and family to consider a gift to the Cumberland Forest in their name!
A love for the great outdoors is a huge part of what has drawn Dylan and Nancy together. From meeting on a climbing trip at Smith Rock, to countless hikes, cycling, skiing/snowboarding and kayaking trips, Nancy and Dylan have spent their favourite moments together in Nature.
The big draw to the Comox Valley for them was the natural surroundings in all its diversity, accessibility and power. They have been impressed with the community that has rallied to love and protect these places. Their life-long collective wish is to see Nature respected and for communities to live in harmony with its rich abundance. Your gift to the Cumberland Community Forest Society will help secure a piece of history, protected for all its inhabitants including those of us we call this beautiful place home.
Help Nancy and Dylan become Community Allies and be part of the long term legacy of the amazing community making this purchase possible!