We’re excited to see the new signage being installed as part of the implementation of the Trail Management Strategy for the Cumberland Community Forest.
The Park is made up of the 500+ acres, closest to the Village, purchased and protected by the CCFS over the past 21 years. These new designations are intended to support the diverse users of the forest to stay safe and find their “happy place”.
Sometimes folks are looking for a dreamy wander on a Nature Trail, gazing up at the crowns of the trees or stopping to investigate a slime mold with a toddler in tow.
Sometimes we’re seeking a hike, run, or a cross country ride filled with friendly fellow Multi Use trail users.
Sometimes we go for a Gravity fueled descent down an old school Cumberland Forest MTB trail, or a cardio hike up the same, but with eyes out for descending traffic.
Each has their place. Each has their purpose. There is space for everyone ❤
To find out more about the Interim Trail Management Strategy, and new trail ettiquette guidelines developed jointly between the CCFS, UROC and the Village, visit cumberland.ca/cumberland-trail-network/
Stay tuned for upcoming community collaborations!