A very exciting year is getting underway for the Cumberland Community Forest Society and the Cumberland Forest community! 2018 is the year the CCFS is set to purchase a beautiful corridor of forest along Perseverance Creek and restore it to the commons!

‘Project Perseverance’ follows ‘Save Space Nugget’, a campaign that culminated in 2016 with the purchase of a much loved 40 hectare parcel of forest known as Space Nugget on the south flank of the Village of Cumberland.

This next phase of the CCFS’s conservation efforts will see upwards of 100 hectares protected including ecologically rich riparian areas, salmon spawning channels, habitat corridors, wetlands and mature forests. This beautiful corridor is rich in heritage as well, and connects to the Coal Creek Historic Park creating an even larger protected area that cradles the southwest edge of the Village. Iconic trails like Bronco’s Perseverance and Hai Gai run its length.

Already the fundraising schedule is heating up with exciting new events and partnerships coming on line. With the support of key partners like Cumberland Brewing Company, Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, Perseverance Trail Run, The Cumby, the Village of Cumberland, and the incredible commitment of our monthly and ongoing donors – we’re getting close to achieving a 3rd Phase in an already historic community effort.

To find out how you can help us reach our bold 2018 goals, message info@cumberlandforest.com, visit our “Get Involved” page or connect in with us at one of our upcoming events!