Jan 2015 Proposed Acqusition AreaSpring is in the air and we’re getting geared up for an action packed couple of months. Thanks to all our donors and supporters for your incredible efforts over the past year. We’re achieving incredible things together!  Be sure to like our facebook page for up to date information on our efforts to purchase and protect forest lands surrounding the Village of Cumberland.
Did you know the Cumberland Forest has begun to identify expanded areas of interest for future purchase? These areas build on the 3 parcels of Phase 2 fondly known as Space Nugget, Broncos Perseverance and Japanese #1 Town Forest. This Phase “2b” area includes forest behind and to the west of Coal Creek Park. The really exciting thing is that we’re now including more of the Perseverance Creek system which flows into Comox Lake!
Our work is helping support the health of the Comox Lake watershed too! This builds on our potential for NEW funding from conservation organizations and others. Local timber companies are onside and have kindly agreed to keep all of this out of the logging plans until 2016.
We also want our donors and supporters to know that the recent logging around the Village has all been in areas outside of our proposed purchase areas. Hancock has done a great job of keeping us informed and staying up to speed on our plans as well. 
If you have any questions, anytime, email info@cumberlandforest.com
Happy Spring!