The Cumberland Community Forest Society is honoured to be recipient of a generous gift from the late Dorothea Walker. Dorothea grew up in Southern Ontario and lived in Cumberland for close to 40 years, providing respite services for families with children of diverse abilities. Dorothea was a lover of animals, and over the years took her companion dogs (Chad, Rufus, and Jaeda) for walks along the forested trails of the Cumberland Forest. She had a passion for birds and enjoyed live “Eagle Cam” broadcasts which offered a close up glimpse at the wonders of nature. Dorothea was a private person, for whom the forest offered happiness and sanctuary. Her gift will help the CCFS continue to protect forests for future generations, as a place that everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy, and for the creatures who make their home under the lush green trees. Thank you Dorothea for being a Guardian of the Cumberland Forest.