Our friend  Arrow Gonsalves from the House of Now and Heart Drum Beat Taoist Yoga and Healing Services is offering a special opportunity to the Cumberland Forest community!

When you register for the Tao of Hornby Island retreat (August 19-22) using the special Cumberland Forest promotion code you save $50 off the registration fee AND $50 will be donated to the Cumberland Forest!

This is part of a rich ongoing relationship the Cumberland Forest has with the House of Now who hosted a generous fundraiser for us this past spring with another one scheduled for this September 24th.

Here is some more information about the retreat at the stunning Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre:

The Tao of Hornby Island Retreat : Enriching Mindfulness through Outdoor Adventures and Human Energetics. Experience the magic of harmonious living…

Looking for adventure and self connection on a sacred island this summer?

Details on the Cumberland Forest opportunity? (Click here to get to registration links)
$100 deducted from regular Registration fee of $649.
$50. OFF Retreat registration and an additional $50 donated on registrants behalf to CCFS
Promotional code: perseverance
tribune bay retreat poster