There’s a dragon in the forest! Join the Forest Story Youth Theatre Project for a time traveling, carbon battling, forest loving romp through time, space and drought as Toad Mother, the Root Fairies, Raven, Bear, Deer, The Raccoons, Rose, Moth, Spider, Wolf Pup and Wise Wolf face a profound threat and join forces to sequester and transform a fierce dragon.
The Forest Stories Youth Theatre Project is an underground environmental theatre program of the Cumberland Community Forest Society. The youth participants have been producing original plays for 6 years on stage, in the park and in the forest. Working with mythology, anima, humour, poetry, and fables, this crew of 10-12 year olds explore potent themes related to climate change, biodiversity and community and ultimately encourage us all to become agents of change in an unfolding story.
Show is Wednesday Nov 2nd at 7 pm at Weird Church. Tickets $5 – $10 sliding scale
The Forest Stories Youth Theatre Project is also performing at the upcoming Woodstove Festival on Saturday November 5th. Be sure to get tickets for this amazing community arts and music festival.
*All ages are welcome but the show is now necessarily a ‘children’s play’. Includes content related to death, loss and climate change.