We live where bears live! With lots of posts about black bear sightings in and around the Village, this is a great time to learn more about black bears and how we can peacefully coexist, and manage our actions in a way that will help to keep bears & humans (and furry friends) safe.

They’re hot, thirsty and looking to cool down, and to find food (20,000 calories a days worth!) to fatten up for winter. This activity phase is called “hyperphagia”. They’re also teaching juvenile cubs how to survive. So they are closer to town, near wetlands and in the forests, alleys and trails, looking for shade, berries, apples and other foods that are growing plentifully in and around the Village.

Let’s share the forest with nature, give them space, clean up our fruit, properly store garbage and compost, and do our part to avoid negative interactions that could result in intervention, relocation or death.

Learn more HERE https://wiseaboutbears.org/