Allen Lake’s western toadlet migration has finished for the season, and after a crazy few weeks we have had a moment to look back on what we accomplished together.

First, there has been a huge amount of learning. About toads, about how climate change is impacting animal behaviour and life cycles, and about how a community can come together to make space for tiny little amphibians.

We had the support of over 40 volunteers – including all of the reconnaissance and toadlet hunters who sent in pictures, google pins and reports of toad sightings. Thanks to UROC for installing trail head signs and to the Village for closing impacted trails within the park. At the info booth we engaged with hundreds of trail-users, many of whom spread the word even further.

Most importantly – it worked! People changed their behaviours. Bikers re-routed, trails were closed, and a big migration was made a bit easier. It wasn’t perfect – but it was pretty incredible.

So thank you. For all that you did, and the space you made in your days, weeks, and months for those clumsy-footed, warty little hoppers.

We are already thinking about next year, and are excited to apply what this year taught us. And for that – we are asking for your input!  We have put together a brief survey – for any and all involved in the Toadlet project. Taking 5 minutes to fill this out will help us immensely in planning and preparing for next year’s migration.

This year’s effort has already had impacts, and discussions are underway with the Village to begin to mitigate the human impacts (trampling, erosion, trail braiding) of folks looking for the “Cumberland Potholes” below the Perseverance Creek crossing on the Davis Lake Main.  Whenever possible we need to remind folks that Perseverance Creek is a toad migration hotspot, fish habitat, drinking water source and a biodiversity corridor that should be handled with care. The phenomenon of over sharing, travel blogs and instagram ‘hotspots’ has highlighted this spot and we have work to do as a community to keep it safe.

If you haven’t – make sure to fill out a volunteer form on the CCFS website so that you can stay in the loop on upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Thank you so much, and we hope that you find a way to celebrate these accomplishments, and the role that you played in them. (Maybe do a little hop of your own?)


Zoe and Meaghan and the CCFS crew