Woodland Magic by Barbara CallowThe Cumberland Forest is an inspiration to so many in our community, from mountain bikers and hikers to trail runners, dog walkers and families of all shapes and sizes. This forest also inspires many songs, artworks, photographs and other creations. On Friday November 15th, artists and community members are coming together for an opening at the Corre Alice Gallery in Cumberland with works contributed to support the Cumberland Forest cause!

The Forest Fairies Project captures the Spirit of the Cumberland Forest through the eyes, ears and hands of local artists. Proceeds from this exhibit and subsequent sales will be shared between the contributing artists and the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS). Artists and performers include Tracy Kobus, Barbara Callow, Michelle Peters, Danielle Bilodeau, Darrell Tomkin, Lynn Farwell, Tammie Hunter, Bobby Herron, Fox & Bee, Joanna Finch and many more! Last minute submissions are very welcome – email info@cumberlandforest.com to get involved. All mediums are welcome.

“Musicians and artists have been important supporters of our work to purchase forest lands surrounding the Village right from the beginning”, says Cumberland Community Forest Society President Andrew Nicoll. “Local artists and musicians have contributed photos, paintings, songs and CD’s to help us fundraise and have made a major contribution to our efforts.”

The Cumberland Community Forest Society is currently engaged in an exciting campaign to purchase an additional 50 hectares of forest land to add to 71 hectares already purchased in 2005. This new parcel of forest land is directly adjacent to the Village and contains many well loved and well used trails including Black Hole and Space Nugget. These trails are easily accessible for community members of all ages and meander through a lush beautiful closed canopy forest filled with diverse plants and animals. This forest is scheduled to be logged as early as 2015.

The Forest Fairies Art Show opens Friday November 15th from 7 to 9 pm. The exhibit will run until Thursday November 28th. Find out more at www.cumberlandforest.com