This week we sent out over 600 charitable tax receipts to the incredible community of supporters who make our work in the Cumberland Forest and the Perseverance Watershed possible. This list doubles when we add volunteer time and in-kind contributions. On behalf of the CCFS Board of Directors – we are humbled by your support.🌲
Our efforts to purchase, protect, restore and celebrate the forests, creeks, wetlands and biodiversity surrounding our community would not happen without our sustaining monthly donors, who provide the support to leverage and match other funding opportunities.
2020 was a remarkable year for the CCFS community with the successful purchase and protection of 225 acres of forested watershed land along Perseverance Creek and a total of 500 acres of forest, wetlands, creeks and watershed lands protected since 2005.
We’re not done yet.
In addition to new land protection targets, we also have important work to do to restore our protected areas impacted by human use, develop our stewardship programs and partnerships, and protect sensitive ecosystems and species at risk in the Perseverance Watershed.
As you know, COVID has significantly impacted our usual fundraising activities. Many of our fundraising events have involved large happy groups of people coming together in celebration and community – like Trivia Events, Science Pubs, Theatre Projects and more. We hope to do this again in the future, but in the mean time we’re innovating and strengthening our community partnerships, old and new, to ensure our resilience.
Please consider supporting our work in 2021. Become a sustaining donor today, boost your monthly donation, or make a one time gift and help us continue to make conservation history on Vancouver Island. Its easy – just click HERE
If you have any questions about your donation, our work or how you can support our conservation efforts, please visit us at or message our team at