What a remarkable year, on so many levels! Looking back we can hardly believe that we completed a major land protection project in the middle of a global pandemic. Project Perseverance saw us purchase and protect 225 acres of forested watershed lands for future generations. It was an intense journey, and back in March there were moments when we were concerned our ability to take this to the finish line. We are so grateful to the donors, supporters and community who made this 2.5 million dollar project possible, even in this truly strange year.

Looking ahead, we are excited to be identifying future land protection targets and there are important conversations currently underway about privately owned watershed lands at imminent risk for fragmentation and degradation. We look forward to sharing updates in the new year about our focus of effort in 2021.

We are also turning our attention to restoration planning and projects in the Cumberland Community Forest Nature Park. Working closely with the Village of Cumberland in our new role as Community Covenant Holder, we are looking forward to supporting the parks management planning process and the significant work required to manage, restore and steward the forest, watersheds, wetlands, creeks and trails that surround our community.

Our Biodiversity Initiative is also emerging as an exciting aspect of our work. Climate change and land fragmentation and degradation are threatening biodiversity world wide. At the local level, our efforts to understand, support and protect biodiversity are all part of global effort to do the same. Our inaugural FungusFest, Cumberland Bat Project, Winter Bird BioBlitz, Upcoming Pollinators BioBlitz, Species at Risk Research, Western Toad Team, CCS Teacher Resources and Maps, Invasive Removal, and Wetland and Creek stewardship projects are all part of our work in supporting biodiversity in the Cumberland Forest.

Our 2020 CCFS Annual Report is available HERE and outlines our recent successes, current projects and future focus of effort.

Our donors are the heart of our work. We thank you for your trust and confidence in us and for supporting our efforts. Please consider making a year end charitable donation for 2020 and help us continue to make conservation history on Vancouver Island in 2021. Donation Links can be found HERE.

Thank you to our Guardian Donors who made the Project Perseverance purchase possible in 2020!

Rob H Daniel, Li-Grimmer Family, Comox Valley Regional District, Village of Cumberland, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, The Cumby, Perseverance Trail Run, Cumberland Brewing Company, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, our sustaining donors from near and far, and our very special forest fairies who chose to remain anonymous.